Automated Cell Counters

Title SKU Price
Automated cell counter, Trypan blue stain 0.4% LB-T13001 LB-T13001 $30.00
Automated cell counter, standard beads (2 X1ML) LB-B13101 LB-B13101 $45.00
Luna Printer for automated cell counters LB-P1001 LB-P1001 $720.00
LUNA II printer paper (thermal, 700 prints) LB-P12002 LB-P12002 $32.00
PhotonSlides, 500 slides LB-L12006 LB-L12006 $1,181.00
PhotonSlide for Luna FL cell counter LB-L12005 LB-L12005 $130.00
PhotonSlide for Luna FL cell counter, 1000 slides LB-L12007 LB-L12007 $2,166.00
Photon Slides for 2000 counts LB-L12007 LB-L12007 $2,166.00
AO/PI Cell Viability Kit ( 500 tests) LB-F23001 LB-F23001 $168.00
LUNA printer paper (thermal, 700 prints) LB-P12001 LB-P12001 $30.00
Cover slides for reusable counting slides for cell counter LB-L12010 LB-L12010 $163.00
Re-usable counting slide for Luna cell counter LB-L12011 LB-L12011 $413.00
Automated Cell Counter Fluorescent-FL Model LB-L20001 LB-L20001 $9,688.00
Automated Cell Counter Fluorescent- FL model LB-L20001 LB-L20001 $9,688.00
Automated cell counting slides (50 slides, 100 counts) LB-L12001 LB-L12001 $86.00
Cell Counting Slides for Automated Cell Counters LB-L12002 LB-L12002 $785.00
Cell Counting Slides, 1000 slides for 2000 counts LB-L2003 LB-L2003 $1,484.00
cell counting slides, for 100 counts LB-L12001 LB-L12001 $86.00
Cell counting slides for 2000 counts LB-L12003 LB-L12003 $1,484.00
Cell counting slides for 1000 counts LB-L12002 LB-L12002 $785.00
Luna Automated Cell counter LB-L10001 LB-L10001 $4,125.00
Quantom Microbial Automated Counter LB-Q10001 LB-Q10001 $25,000.00
Automated fluorescent cell counter, autofocusing LB-L50001 LB-L50001 $6,250.00
Fluorescence Calibration Beads LB-F23102 LB-F23102 $168.00
Luna FX7 Automated Cell Counter Starter Package LB-L70001 LB-L70001 $15,625.00
Luna FX7 Automated Cell Counter Bioprocess Package LB-L70002 LB-L70002 $22,500.00
Luna FX7 Counting Slides 8 Channel, box of 50, LB-L72001 LB-L72001 $219.00
Luna FX7 Counting Slides 8 Channel, 10 box of 50, LB-L72002 LB-L72002 $1,969.00
Luna FX7 Counting Slides 8 Channel, 20 box of 50, LB-L72003 LB-L72003 $2,953.00
Quantom Total Cell Staining Kit LB-Q13501 LB-Q13501 $492.00
Quantom Viable Cell Staining Kit LB-Q13502 LB-Q13502 $656.00
Quantom Calibration Beads LB-Q13102 LB-Q13102 $223.00
Luna II Automated Cell Counter Without Printer LB-L40002 LB-L40002 $3,250.00
Automated Brightfield cell counter with printer LB-L40001 LB-L40001 $4,000.00