Title SKU Price
Agarose Low Melt, 100g BS-A1801-LM BS-A1801-LM $295.00
Agarose Hi Resolution, 100g BS-A1801-HR BS-A1801-HR $254.00
Electrophoresis Power Supply Unit, Mini BS-E2100 BS-E2100 $190.00
Safe Blue Light Transilluminator for gel imaging BS-E4000 BS-E4000 $549.00
Electrophoresis Power Supply Unit, Touch Screen BS-E2301 BS-E2301 $495.00
myGel Mini Electrophoresis system BS-E1001 BS-E1001 $515.00
myGel mini gel cast stand and combs BS-E1001SC BS-E1001SC $60.00
Agarose tablets, pack of 1000 tablets (500g) BS-A2505 BS-A2505 $448.00
X-Clarity Tissue Clearing System LB-C40001 LB-C40001 $35,625.00
Agarose LE, standard grade, 500g BS-A1705 BS-A1705 $377.00
SmartDoc Narrow Band Pass Filter, 590nm for EtBr BS-E5K590 BS-E5K590 $110.00
SmartDoc Narrow Band Pass Filter, 535nm for Green Stains BS-E5K535 BS-E5K535 $110.00
Accuris Smart Doc 2.0 Enclosure BS-E5001SD BS-E5001SD $660.00
X-Clarity Tissue Clearing Polymerization Unit LB-C20001 LB-C20001 $16,250.00
UV Transilluminator For Electrophoresis Gel Viewing BS-E3KUVT BS-E3KUVT $930.00
SmartGlow DNA Staining loading dye 6X BS-E4500LD BS-E4500LD $99.00
Tris Acetate EDTA Dry Powder Pack, 100 Packs BS-EB1000 BS-EB1000 $165.00
TBE Tris Borate EDTA Powder Pack, 50 Pack, BS-EB1001 BS-EB1001 $145.00
TGS Tris Glycine SDS Powder Pack, 50 Packs BS-EB1100 BS-EB1100 $130.00
Tris MES SDS Powder Pack, 50 Packs, BS-EB1101 BS-EB1101 $260.00
Tris MOPS SDS Powder Pack, 50 Packs BS-EB1102 BS-EB1102 $260.00
MyGel Instaview Complete Electrophoresis System BS-E1201 BS-E1201 $850.00