Microplate Washer For Microplate Washing Automation BS-MW9600

SKU: BS-MW9600
SmartWasher 96 automates the process of ELISA plate washing so assays can be prepared quickly, accurately, and with confidence for absorbance reading.  It’s the perfect companion to our popular SmartReader 96 microplate reader. Precision control of aspiration needle position – Accurate to 0.1mm – Minimal residual liquid, ≤1μl/well Auto rinse function eliminates cross contamination Up to 100 wash protocols can be customized and stored Liquid level sensors in wash and waste bottles Wash protocols can be transferred via flash drive   Research requires flexibility – the SmartWasher 96 provides it. Full plates, partial plates, and strips with U, V, C, or flat bottoms are accepted by this fully automated washer. Multiple aspiration point settings allow for minimal residual liquid in the wells after aspiration. All parameters, including dispense volume, suction time, soak and shake cycles, and shaking speed are easily programmed using the large 4.3” LCD display and keypad. Up to 100 wash protocols can be stored on board the SmartWasher™ 96 and recalled when needed, or transferred between machines with a flash drive. The washer comes equipped with 2 wash bottles, 1 rinse bottle and a waste bottle. All have sensors that alert the user when the solutions are low, or in the case of the waste bottle, when it needs to be emptied. An auto-rinse function primes the dispensing tube and wash heads to prevent cross contamination and clogs. 8- and 12-channel manifolds are available separately to accommodate plates in either orientation. A transparent, acrylic shield surrounds the wash area, allowing for visualization of the plate. Should a spill or leak occur, the beveled spill well ensures that the liquid is extracted immediately to avoid cross-contamination. The SmartWasher 96 is the perfect partner for the SmartReader 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader as well as other popular readers. 8- and 12-channel manifolds, purchased separately, are available to accommodate different plate orientations
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Price: $10,294.00
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