Tissue Homogenizer

Title SKU Price
12 Sample Tissue Homogenizer For 5ML Tubes with cooling fan NA-BBY5M.US NA-BBY5M.US $5,485.00
50ML tissue homogenizer bullet blender with cooling fan NA-BB50DX.US NA-BB50DX.US $6,985.00
BeadBug mini tissue homogenizer BM-MB01 BM-MB01 $980.80
BeadBlaster 24 BS-D2400 BS-D2400 $9,275.00
Vacuum Joint BC-SP03119-810-NC003.0 BC-SP03119-810-NC003.0 $26.00
Containment Seal for Precellys 24, Precellys 24 Dual BC-SP03119-810-NC004.0 BC-SP03119-810-NC004.0 $168.00
2ml blocking plate for Precellys 24 Dual BC-SP03119-810-NC009.0 BC-SP03119-810-NC009.0 $350.00
7ml blocking plate for Precellys 24 Dual BC-SP03119-810-NC010.0 BC-SP03119-810-NC010.0 $350.00
Tissue Homogenizer for 12 samples in 5ML tubes NA-BB5EAU.US NA-BB5EAU.US $8,885.00
8 sample tissue homogenizer with dry ice cooling NA-BB50AU.US NA-B50AU $8,785.00
Hand Held Homogenizer BS-D1000 BS-D1000 $1,293.50
BeadBug 6 tube Tissue Homogenizer BS-D1036 BS-D1036 $2,617.70
BeadBlaster 5ML tube holder BS-D2400R5 BS-D2400R5 $560.00
BeadBlaster 24 Refrigerated Tissue Homogenizer Complete Pack BS-D2400RC BS-D2400RC $13,964.25
Precellys Evolution Tissue Homogenizer BC-PEVO BC-PEVO $12,324.00
Cryolys Evolution BC-CLYS2 BC-CLYS2 $6,552.00
24 Sample Tissue Homogenizer Bullet Blender Storm Pro NA-BT24M.US NA-BT24M.US $5,485.00
BeadBlaster 24 Refrigerated Microtube Homogenizer BS-D2400R BS-D2400R $14,802.00
Precellys® 24 Touch BC-P002391-P24T0-A.0 BC-P002391-P24T0-A.0 $7,300.00
Minilys personal tissue homogenizer BC-MINI BC-MINI $3,950.00
24 Sample TIssue Homogenizer with Dry Ice cooling NA-BB24AU.US NA-BB24AU.US $8,585.00