Tissue Lysing Kits

Title SKU Price
Bulk Pack Beads 3.2MM Stainless Steel Balls NA-SSB32 NA-SSB32 $170.70
Bulk Pack Beads 4.8MM Stainless Steel Balls NA-SSB48 NA-SSB48 $170.70
4.5mm Stainless Steel Beads, bulk pack for tissue homogenization WI-SSB45 WI-SSB45 $200.00
Lysing Kit Pre-filled 3MM SSB FM-SSB30 FM-SSB30 $250.00
Lysing Kit Prefilled 4.8MM SSB FM-SSB48 FM-SSB48 $250.00
Lysing Kit Preloaded 3.2MM SSB WI-SST32F WI-SST32F $250.00
Bulk Pack Beads Blend Stainless Steel Beads NA-SSB14B NA-SSB14B $200.35
Bulk Pack Beads 1.6MM Stainless Steel Beads NA-SSB16 NA-SSB16 $200.40
Lysing Kit, 0.5MM Stainless Steel Beads FM-SSB05 FM-SSB05 $190.00
Lysing Kit Stainless Steel Beads, 0.2MM FM-SSB02 FM-SSB02 $190.00
Pre-filled tubes with stainless steel beads for soft tissues RNA-WIST01 RNA-WIST01 $190.00
Bulk Pack Beads 1.0MM ZrO Beads NA-ZROB10 NA-ZROB10 $125.00
Bulk Pack Beads 2MM ZrO Beads NA-ZROB20 NA-ZROB20 $125.00
Bulk Pack Beads 0.1mm Glass Beads NA-GB01 NA-GB01 $51.70
Bulk Pack Beads 0.5MM Glass Beads NA-GB05 NA-GB05 $51.70
Bulk Pack Beads 1MM Glass Beads NA-GB10 NA-GB10 $51.70
Bulk Pack Beads 0.5MM ZrSO Beads NA-ZSB05 NA-ZSB05 $110.05
Bulk Pack Beads 2MM Silicate Beads NA-ZSB20 NA-ZSB20 $110.10
Bulk Pack Beads 0.15MM ZrO Beads NA-ZROB015 NA-ZROB015 $110.05
Bulk Pack Beads 0.5MM ZrO Beads NA-ZROB05 NA-ZROB05 $110.10
Bulk Pack Beads 0.2MM Stainless Steel Beads NA-SSB02 NA-SSB02 $222.60
Lysing Kit, 1MM ZrO Beads FM-TAB100 FM-TAB100 $190.00
Tissue Lysing Kit, 2MM ZrO FM-TAB200 FM-TAB200 $190.00
Pre-filled 2ML screw cap tubes with beads for soft tissues WI-ST01 WI-ST01 $190.00
Pre-filled tubes with stainless steel beads for tough tissues RNA-WITH01 RNA-WIHT01 $190.00
Reinforced tubes and caps, 2ml, empty (pack of 200) BC-KT03961-1-403.2 BC-KT03961-1-403.2 $260.00
1.5ML microtubes, screw cap, polypropylene, conical WI-Tube15S WI-Tube15S $190.00
Hard tissue grinding MK28, 2ML BC-KT03961-1-001.2 BC-KT03961-1-001.2 $161.00
Hard tissue homogenizing CK28, 2ML BC-KT03961-1-002.2 BC-KT03961-1-002.2 $161.00
Soil grinding SK38, 2ML BC-KT03961-1-006.2 BC-KT03961-1-006.2 $161.00
Soft tissue homogenizing CK14, 2ML BC-KT03961-1-003.2 BC-KT03961-1-003.2 $161.00
7ML empty tubes and caps kit, pack of 50 BC-KT03961-1-404.7 BC-KT03961-1-404.7 $103.00
Hard tissue homogenizing CK28 reinforced 2ML kit BC-KT03961-1-007.2 BC-KT03961-1-007.2 $215.00
hard tissue grinding MK28R 2ML reinforced tubes BC-KT03961-1-008.2 BC-KT03961-1-008.2 $215.00
2.0ML screw cap tube with o-ring cap, 100 per pack, conical bott WI-Tube20S WI-Tube20S $80.00
Large Tissue Starter Box BC-KT03961-2-004.SB BC-KT03961-2-004.SB $210.00
2.8mm stainless steel beads (500g) BC-KT03961-1-101.BK BC-KT03961-1-101.BK $168.00
2.8mm Zirconium oxide beads (325g) BC-KT03961-1-102.BK BC-KT03961-1-102.BK $168.00
1.4mm Zirconium oxide beads (325g) BC-KT03961-1-103.BK BC-KT03961-1-103.BK $168.00
0.1mm zirconium oxide beads (450g) BC-KT03961-1-108.BK BC-KT03961-1-108.BK $168.00
reinforced 2ml tube with 2.8MM ceramic beads, pack of 50 FM-TAB28R FM-TAB28R $110.00
Pre-filled 2ML screw cap tubes with ZrO 1.4MM beads, 100 pack WI-CK140 WI-CK140 $190.00
Pre-filled 1.5ML reinforced tubes with 1.4MM ZrO beads, 100/pk WI-ZO1415 WI-ZO1415 $190.00
0.5mm Glass beads (400g) BC-KT03961-1-104.BK BC-KT03961-1-104.BK $161.00
Hard Tissue Starter Box BC-KT03961-2-003.SB BC-KT03961-2-003.SB $210.00
Soft tissue starter box BC-KT03961-2.002.SB BC-KT03961-2.002.SB $210.00
0.1mm Glass beads (400g) BC-KT03961-1-105.BK BC-KT03961-1-105.BK $168.00
Preloaded ZrO 1.4mm beads in reinforced 2ML tubes, pack of 100 WI-ZO14R WI-ZO14R $280.00
Yellow Lysis Kit, pack of 250 in 1.5ML RINO tubes NA-YN250 NA-YN250 $495.90
Pre-filled tubes for soil grinding with mixed beads WI-SLS01 WI-SLS01 $220.00