Microplate Sealer SmartSeal BS-MS1000

SKU: BS-MS1000
The Accuris SmartSeal™ Semi-Automated Thermal Plate Sealer provides fast and reliable sealing of microplates. The SmartSeal ensures uniform sealing of all wells, eliminating evaporation during processing, and protecting delicate samples during storage. For labs with low to medium processing needs, the Accuris SmartSeal Semi-Automated Thermal Plate Sealer provides a fast and efficient way to seal nearly any microplate up to 48mm tall, including assay and PCR plates.   All parameters, including time, temperature, and pressure, are digitally controlled to provide precise control and consistency from plate to plate.  A variety of thermal films can be accommodated, including thin foil films.  Simply load the plate and film in the drawer, press the “seal” button and the SmartSeal does the rest.  The drawer opens with a perfectly sealed plate in just a few seconds. With fast processing and recovery times, the SmartSeal is a time-saving solution for labs and production facilities requiring high-quality, consistent plate sealing. 
List price: $4,835.85
Price: $4,835.85
Weight: 20 lb
Dimensions: 18 in × 12 in × 12 in