Ball Mill Bench Press 96well Plate Homogenizer


The Ball Mill Bench Press Homogenizer 96 is an extremely versatile bead mill homogenizer that has applications in a variety of areas, including biological research, environmental testing, and industrial settings. Adapters are available for microplates, microtubes, and 50ml tubes. Grinding jars and balls in a variety of materials are available. Wet homogenization, dry grinding and cryogrinding can all be performed with the BeadBlaster™ 96. The arced motion of the sample holders and powerful motor allow most samples to be processed in 1 minute or less.

Price: $9,999.00

BenchMasher Laboratory Bag Blender BS-IPD4400


The BenchMasher provides fast and effective mixing, ensuring consistent homogenization.  It is ideal for preparation of samples were eliminating contamination is critical, such as pathogen and microbial detection in food and water filters.  The BenchMasher also has applications anywhere larger solid samples need broken down or products such as powders and polymers need mixed.

Price: $4,895.00