Precellys® 24 Touch BC-P002391-P24T0-A.0


Precellys® 24 Touch is the ideal lab instrument to homogenize any kind of biological sample, from the softest to the hardest, regardless of its origin (animal tissues, plant tissues, microorganisms…). It can treat up to 24 samples at a time and has been validated on more than 1,500 different samples: from brain, muscle and heart samples, to very hard material such as bones, hair and seeds.

Price: $7,300.00

Freedom Rocker BlotBot 248V NA-FRB248V.US


The BlotBot® 248V is a new Freedom Rocker™ automated blot processor. Using your same protocols, it automates the handling of blots and gels. With microprocessor control, it provides consistent processing conditions. The BlotBot will incubate/stain and wash your blots/gels during meetings, overnight, or even over a weekend, so your blots will be ready sooner for downstream analysis. This model provides the same convenience and reliability of previous Freedom Rocker models with the following enhancements:

Price: $11,825.00