Precellys® 24 Touch BC-P002391-P24T0-A.0

SKU: BC-P002391-P24T0-A.0
Precellys® 24 Touch is the ideal lab instrument to homogenize any kind of biological sample, from the softest to the hardest, regardless of its origin (animal tissues, plant tissues, microorganisms…). It can treat up to 24 samples at a time and has been validated on more than 1,500 different samples: from brain, muscle and heart samples, to very hard material such as bones, hair and seeds. The intuitive touchscreen interface of Precellys® 24 Touch makes it really easy to use. Thanks to its exclusive vacuum-based tube locking system and its specific design, Precellys® 24 Touch is compliant with safety requirements of the harshest lab environments, such as BSL3. With its powerful 3D movement, Precellys® 24 Touch provides high energy to the beads contained in the tubes, allowing the homogenization of the samples in a few seconds (~30 sec) at speeds ranging from 4500 to 6800 rpm. Samples can then be processed for further analysis amongst a wide variety of techniques dedicated to DNA/RNA (PCR, electrophoresis, NGS, chips, etc), protein (blotting, mass spectrometry, etc.), or metabolites analyses (chromatography, etc.) Capacity 1 to 24 tubes of 2 mL 1 to 24 tubes of 0.5 mL Speed range  4,500 rpm to 6,800 rpm (by increments of 100 rpm) Programs  Unlimited Number of cycles  Up to 10 Cycles time  Up to 90 sec Pause between cycles 120 sec Weight 23 kg / 51 lb Dimensions L: 287 mm, W: 408 mm, H: 390 mm, (515mm with opened lid) Power requirement 90 – 250VAC / 50-60 Hz, Power:1 kVA
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Price: $7,300.00
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