Precellys Evolution Tissue Homogenizer BC-PEVO

Precellys Evolution is the universal tissue homogenizer combining high flexibility and high efficiency for either routine or R&D projects. Specially designed for L3 laboratories, the Precellys Evolution homogenizer is based on 10 years of sample preparation expertise. It offers optimal robustness and safety. The Precellys Evolution possesses a unique automatic tube locking system – a real push-and-play system. The Precellys Evolution homogenizer can process five different sizes of tubes (0.3mL in well-plate format, 0.5, 2, 7 and 15mL) and up to 24 tubes simultaneously. The comprehensive range of 30+ lysing kits makes it suitable for any type of sample preparation. Its flexibility and high efficiency give users the ability to grind, homogenize and lyse any type of soft or hard sample from animal, human, plant or microorganism sources in seconds. Combined to Cryolys Evolution, the only patented integrated cooling unit, Precellys Evolution offers a complete control of the temperature during samples grinding to prevent DNA, RNA & Protein degradation of thermosensitive molecules. Capacity: From 8 to 96 wells, 300µL From 1 to 24 tubes, 2mL/0.5mL From 1 to 12 tubes, 7mL From 1 to 6 tubes, 15mL Speed range:  From 4,500 rpm to 10,000 rpm (increment by 100 rpm) Programs: The software allows users to save an unlimited number of protocols Number of cycles: up to 10 Cycles time: up to 90sec (increment by 1sec) Weight: 60lb / 27kg Dimensions: L: 378mm, W: 515mm, H: 400mm (632mm with open lid)
List price: $12,324.00
Price: $12,324.00
Weight: 50 lb