Compact UV Transilluminator For Gel Documentation BS-E3100

SKU: BS-E3100
The myView’s four 6W bulbs coupled with a reflector system and special diffusing filter glass provide exceptional uniformity across the viewing surface. This allows for quantification of DNA and also higher quality imaging when using a camera system. Users are protected by harmful effects of UV radiation by the hinged, UV blocking safety cover. Two friction hinges on the front edge of the cover allow for easy adjustment of the cover angle. Position the cover horizontally for general viewing, tilt it at an angle for gel access and band cutting, or fully open to use the SmartDoc ™ Imaging Enclosure (sold separately) for gel imaging with a smartphone. The myView™ Transilluminator has a surprisingly small footprint (smaller than a standard piece of paper). However, the viewing surface is large enough to accommodate a mid-sized gel or multiple smaller gels. The 16.5 x 13.5 cm filter glass is scratch resistant to allow band excision with a metal blade. Specifications: Wavelength: 302nM Viewing Surface: 16.5 X 13.5 CM Electricity: 120V
List price: $695.00
Price: $695.00
Weight: 10 lb
Dimensions: 10 in × 8 in × 4 in