SuperOne Homogenization and DNA extraction kit, for 100 samples OP-SD100

SuperOne plant sample homogenization and genomic DNA extraction kit is a simplified sample preparation reagent kit for extraction of genomic DNA from plant samples by one single step. Homogenization and extraction are combined into a single step quick, safe yet efficient, environmental friendly system. Each kit comes with 100 Synergy™ disruption tubes (each containing grinding/extraction matrix and a grinding satellite), a 60 ml bottle of homogenization buffer, RNase, and instructions. The protocol to use is easy: Place up to 50 mg of tissue in a Synergy™ disruption tube. Add 500 µl homogenization buffer. Homogenize via bead beating (about 5K oscillations). Centrifuge to pellet contaminants and debris. Transfer the cleared lysate to a new tube and add 5 ul RNase. Incubate for 5 minutes. At this point the lysate can be used for PCR. Otherwise add 0.7 volume of isopropanol and incubate at -20°C for 15 min. Pellet the DNA by centrifuging at 10,000g for 5 min. Wash twice with cold 70% ethanol. Briefly dry the DNA and resuspend in 20 ul TE buffer.
List price: $255.00
Price: $255.00