Programmable Heat Cool Block

ThermoMix500 combines the functions of mixing and temperature control, providing a convenient means to incubate samples. This unit employs Peltier effect heat exchange technology to provide accurate, stable temperature control. It can be used with a selection of interchangeable block for plates and tubes. Programmable heat, cool block with orbital shaker, timer built-in. Large digital display of temperature, timer, shaking speed. Multiple interchangeable blocks for 96 well plate, 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml tubes. Suitable for digestion, sample preparation, inactivation, immunoprecipitation. Temperature ranges from 4C to 100C. Small foot-print, 110V standard power plug. Features Digital controled Peltier heating/cooling Exact temperature control with PID circuit Gentle, reliable orbital mixing, up to 1500 rpm Special damping provides quiet operation even at high speeds Choose from several standard sample blocks for plates or tubes Custom blocks are available to satisfy special experimental requirements Large VFD display and simple controls provide a friendly user interface Conforms to CE safety standard Specifications: Temperature Setting Range: 0 to 105°C Temperature Control Range: Room Temperature* -14° to 100°C Timing Range (for mixing): 1 Minute to 99 Hours 59 Minutes Mixing Speed: 300 to 1500 RPM Mixing Amplitude: 3 mm Temperature Control Accuracy: < 0.5° C Display Accuracy: < 0.5° C Temperature Uniformity: < 0.5° C Heating Time: < 12 min. (from 20 to 100° C Cooling Time: ~12 min. (from room temp to room temp -10° C ~ 15 min. (from 100° C to room temp +10° C) Standard Blocks A: 1.5 mL x 40 B: 0.5 mL x 54 C: 0.2 mL x 96 D: 15mm diameter x 24 E: 2.0 mL x 40 Dimensions (LxWxH): 29.5 x 26.5 x 17.0 cm
List price: $2,250.00
Price: $2,250.00