PrecellysDual tissue homogenizer, Demo BC-PCDU

Notice: Discountinued. Demo unit at deep discount Precellys24-Dual is designed to prepare samples not only from soft to hard tissues but also from 1mg to 5000 mg. The system allows sample preparation in 0.5mL, 2mL or 7mL tubes. 12 x 2mL or 6 x 7mL   Precellys24 Tissue Homogenizer Features Fast, easy and efficient Typical homogenization time is 30 seconds for a large majority of samples. Nucleic acid or proteins are separated from the tissue matrix, and pipetted after a short centrifugation step to pellet the debris. see Precellys Technology principle Flexible Adapt protocols and consumables from soft to hard tissues (micro-organisms, animal or vegetal tissues). Highest speed motion of the market, it allows the grinding of challenging tissues like bones, hair, cartilague, skin etc. Adjust speed and beads for: -Dry grinding -Micronisation -Homogenization from fresh or snap-frozen tissues -Lysis of micro-orgnaisms -Dissociation of living bacteria Optional Cooling unit During motion, mechanical impacts between beads and sample can generate heat. Most often, the homogenization process is so rapid that the temperature does not reach denaturation levels. Nevertheless, for sensitive molecules, it is important to master this generation of heat. The Cryolys is a cooling option for the Precellys®24-Dual. Cold air (-50°C) is sprayed beside the tubes so that temperature during homogenization remains at approximately 4°C. Standard & Design for daily lab operations Precellys 24-Dual has been designed for biological sample preparation. Biological space is entirely separated from the mechanical parts preventing any inside contamination. Also individual sealed tubes prevents cross contamination between sample preparations. When the protocol is set up and validated, the sample preparation process remains the same with no bias in analysis, on a time basis, or between operators. it was specifically developed and designed to be used in L3 laboratory under high throughput conditions, 50 to 100 runs per day. Consumables, pre-filled tubes, lysis kit, bulk packaged beads, repair parts are availalbe. Call or email for more information Cryolys User Manual Precelly24 user manual What are the Precellys main advantages? - Fast & Efficient grinding - Homogenizing and lysing in 0.5mL, 2mL and 7mL (Dual version) - Easy to use: load up to 24 samples and standard protocols - High Quality standard: Secure, reliable and safe (designed for L3 laboratories, 3 security sensors to ensure a total security for both user and valuable sample, no access to mechanical system, MTBF 4,500runs) - Efficient: Retain DNA, RNA, proteins, drugs etc. biological and molecular integrity - No Cross contamination: 0.5mL, 2mL and 7mL pre-filled single use tube - Flexible: Adaptable protocols and kits from soft to hard tissues (micro-organisms, animal or vegetal tissues) - Reproducible: no operator dependancy, standard and memorized protocols Other homogenizers and consumables Homogenizer Prefilled Tubes Empty Tubes Beads Bullet Blender, 2ML RINO 2ML RINO 2ml 1MM, 2MM Bullet Blender, 5ML   5ML 2MM Precellys 24 0.5ML, 2ML 0.5ML, 2ML 0.1, 0.5, 1MM, 2MM, 2.8MM, Stainless Steel Precellys 24 Dual 0.5ML, 2ML, 7ML 0.5ML, 2ML, 7ML 0.5, 1MM, 2MM, 2.8MM, Stainless Steel Precellys Evolution 0.5ML, 2ML, 5ML, 15ML, 0.2ML PCR trip 2ML, 7ML, 15ML, 0.2ML 0.5, 1MM, 2MM, 2.8MM, Stainless Steel HighThroughPut  2ML, 15ML, 96 Deepwell block 2ML, 15ML, 96 well block 0.5, 1MM, 2MM, 2.8MM, Stainless Steel   Precellys 24 Dual model is discontinued. Only a few invetory units are still available and one slightly used demo unit is also available at deep discount. Contact us for detail information.
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