Plant DNA Extraction Kit, 96 well format OP-SD96W

SuperOne Synergy DNA extraction platform now includes a 96 well plate format for isolating high quality plant DNA in a timely and cost-effective manner without the use of hazardous chloroform.   Building upon the same proprietary nucleic acid isolation chemistry found in the original Synergy Plant DNA Extraction Kit, the 96 Well Synergy Plant DNA Extraction Kit includes materials to process two 96 Deep Well Plates (192 preps). This kit utilizes PVDF and Glass Fiber Filter Plates to isolate and purify DNA of the highest quality for downstream applications. The 96 Well Synergy Plant DNA Extraction Kit includes pre-filled deep well plates necessary for a bead beating homogenization step, allowing for high throughput sample processing with minimal variation in upstream sample preparation. Individual eight tube strips can be removed from the plate to accommodate full or partial plate homogenization.  As many as 192 samples can be processed in as little as two hours. The 96 Well Synergy Plant DNA Extraction Kit includes: two pre-filled 96 Well Homogenization Plates (each containing grinding resin and stainless steel grinding balls), two Well Support Mats, Plant Homogenization Buffer (100 ml), RNase A Solution (1200 μl), two PVDF Filter Plates, two Glass Fiber Filter Plates, four Collection Plates, two Elution Plates, two Plate Lids, and instructions.
List price: $450.00
Price: $450.00