PC77-MAG Pressure injection cell NA-PC77

PC77-MAG Pressure injection cell The pressure injection cells enable loading of liquids or liquid suspensions into microbore capillaries, such as fused silica capillaries with 75 micrometer inside diameter.a protective nickel plating, and come with a 3-way valve so that pressure in the pressure cell can be conveniently exhausted. The base is a magnetic stir plate with variable speed and comes with a CE certified power supply with the appropriate plug for the country of purchase. PC77-MAG Pressure injection cell with integrated magnetic stir plate for keeping particles in suspension when packing capillaries. Also includes a 5x2mm stirbar, a hex wrench, 10 Ferrules for typical (~363 um external diameter) capillaries, frit kit, and operator manual. Optional PACK-KIT Column Packing Hardware Kit available.
List price: $1,695.00
Price: $1,695.00