Cell Tissue Homogenizer for 24 Samples NA-01

SKU: NA-01
Disrupt or homogenize cells and tissue, up to 24 sample at a time. It can also be used to mix samples. No cross contamination and be able to process upto 24 samples in a few minutes Load the samples in standard microcentrifuge tubes into the sample holder platform. Balls inside the chamber, outside the sample tube, repeatedly strike the sample tubes in a controlled manner, thousands of times per minutes, inducing vigorous motion of the substances inside the tubes. This provides efficient mixing. The addition of glass beads in the sample tubes allows disruption or thorough homogenization of cells and tissues. Simple to operate Speed: Tune the extent of disruption by adjusting the speed. Time: most samples only require 2 minutes to be homogenized Type of beads: see the tech support pages for more information. If you plan to use the pre-filled tubes with beads, the manufacturer has suggested starting protocol available. Cell Tissue Homogenizer for 24 samples bullet blender Sample amount per tube (2ML, screw cap): 10mg to 300mg Sample set up: beads: tissue: buffer should be 1:1:2 by volume. The total volume should not exceed 1.6ML Download Product Manual Quick reference card Bullet Blender Flyer Available Grinding Beads
List price: $3,870.00
Price: $3,870.00