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BBY24M Bullet Blender Storm tissue homogenizer NA-01SR

Powerful tissue homogenizer for tougher samples with air cooling included and with the capacity of 24 of 2ML sample tubes. BBY24M Bullet Blender Storm tissue homogenizer The BULLET BLENDER STORM is the most powerful member of the Bullet Blender family. Homogenize up to 24 of your toughest samples (mouse femur, skin, cartilage, tumor, etc.) in just minutes. Air cooling™ minimizes sample heat up. Uses 1.5ml eppendorf® safe-lock tubes. Features Compact - The footprint is only 9in. (22cm) wide by 11in. (28cm) deep. The time of the run may be adjusted from 1-5 minutes The Bullet Blender® has 10 speeds, easily selectable from a front-panel control. This wide array of speeds allows the Bullet Blender® to be used for gentle vortexing, vigorous homogenization, or anything in between. Versatile -The Bullet Blender® can be used in temperatures ranging from 4°C to 60°C (avoid condensation, which will damage electronics and void the warranty). Requires only an electrical outlet for operation. Air Cooling™ on BLUE models prevents samples from heating up when processing multiple rounds. The COOLEST homogenizer available! Includes the following: The BULLET BLENDER STORM Operator's manual 24V DC Wall plug power supply (UL/CE) Download Product Manual Quick reference card Bullet Blender Flyer Available Grinding Beads Other homogenizers and consumables Homogenizer Prefilled Tubes Empty Tubes Beads Bullet Blender, 2ML RINO 2ML RINO 2ml 1MM, 2MM Bullet Blender, 5ML   5ML 2MM Precellys 24 0.5ML, 2ML 0.5ML, 2ML 0.1, 0.5, 1MM, 2MM, 2.8MM, Stainless Steel Precellys 24 Dual 0.5ML, 2ML, 7ML 0.5ML, 2ML, 7ML 0.5, 1MM, 2MM, 2.8MM, Stainless Steel Precellys Evolution 0.5ML, 2ML, 5ML, 15ML, 0.2ML PCR trip 2ML, 7ML, 15ML, 0.2ML 0.5, 1MM, 2MM, 2.8MM, Stainless Steel HighThroughPut  2ML, 15ML, 96 Deepwell block 2ML, 15ML, 96 well block 0.5, 1MM, 2MM, 2.8MM, Stainless Steel
List price: $4,095.00
Price: $4,095.00